The Art of Meditation


soulbirdsWe all know those little timeless moments that grace our lives – perhaps we feel a sudden inexplicable peace or joy, or something beautiful touches us, or the vastness of the ocean or the night sky take us out of ourselves, beyond the mundane.  The capacity for this sense of oneness and wonder is something we can develop, and the way to develop it is through the practice of meditation. Meditation is an ancient art which teaches us to silence the hubbub of the mind and focus instead on another way of perceiving, using what we call the spiritual heart, or the heart centre (or heart chakra).

‘As you concentrate on anything – a picture, a flower, a flame – so also can you concentrate on the heart. You cannot look physically at your spiritual heart, but you can focus all your attention on it. Then, gradually, the power of  your concentration enters into the heart and takes you beyond the realm of the mind.’

– Sri Chinmoy

By setting aside a little time every day, we can begin to experience the reality that is meditation.  We can learn to tap that source of tremendous inner strength that resides within us all.

‘Meditation on the spiritual heart is the safest and most fulfilling path. In this meditation we focus our attention on the heart, silencing the mind, and dive deep within.’

– Sri Chinmoy

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