Sri Chinmoy

‘The real work of a spiritual teacher is to show that his life is in perfect harmony with his teachings,’

– Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy was a truly remarkable man, an inspirational spiritual teacher who taught, above all, by example. A prolific poet and artist, a musician, an athlete, a philosopher and man of peace, he combined ‘the spirituality of the East and the dynamism of the West.’ He offered an integral yoga, a creative way of living in the world, and at the very heart of it was the practice of meditation.  He never charged for his teaching, saying at one point, ‘My only fee is your aspiration.’ His life was one long dedicated service, from his arrival in the West from his native India in 1964 till his passing in 2007.

Sri Chinmoy’s work (and play!) continues through the various Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centres throughout the world – like the one in Edinburgh – offering free meditation classes for the public, as well as music programmes, poetry readings, art exhibitions and athletics events. His living legacy, in the form of writings, music, paintings and drawings, is immense and profound, a tremendous wellspring of wisdom and inspiration.

‘You have always to create. This creation of yours is something which
you ultimately become. Finally you come to realize that your creation
is nothing other than your self-revelation.’

– Sri Chinmoy

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